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Seahorses Swim School
Torbay, South Devon
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Why Swim?

Man swimming front crawl in summing poolSwimming is THE all round sport. Due to the supportive nature of water as a medium the occurrence of injury due to impact is minimised and recovery from existing injuries will be quickened and enhanced.

The actions of swimming also allow for improvements in flexibility in the joints, as well as increasing the power, strength and endurance of both cardiac and skeletal muscle, whilst the requirement to control and regulate breathing leads to improved endurance.

Older lady in swimming poolIf maintained swimming will improve the circulation, overall muscle tone will be strengthened and body shape and physique tightened and improved.

Swimming as a regular exercise can also lead to psychological benefits as stress and tension are eased by exercise, the requirement to control breathing can teach patience and provide a focus to help concentration, and the activity itself will stimulate the production of endorphins (chemicals that make us feel better).

Young lady at edge of swimming pool
For those with any kind of disability, whether it be short term or permanent, swimming can give access to both physical exercise and social interaction that just isn’t possible on dry land.


Finally swimming is the ideal sport for those who don’t consider themselves “sporty”, or for whom other sports are not possible, maybe due to long term conditions such as arthritis or rheumatism, where the buoyancy of the water will support the body and help to relieve physical stress and pain.

On top of all of this there is also an opportunity to make swimming a part of a regular round of social activity, where you have fun whilst you work out with others.

Benefits of Swimming

  • Fitness & Strength
  • Joint Flexibility
  • Better Circulation
  • Psychological Benefits
  • Sociable



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